Sunday, June 19, 2022

Op-Ed - Russia Should Offer to Exchange Captured American NATO Militants Drueke and Huhnh for Assange

Here is an idea - why don't Russia exchange the two surrender monkeys Yankees for Assange for him to go free? Or to be given asylum in Russia?

Maybe, and to sweeten the deal, they could even throw in the two captive British clowns sentenced to death for mercenarism and conspiring to kill civilians in the DPR?

After all, the way things are going, Russians will surely catch many more yet so no particular reason to hold on to these ones.

We hope that Assange team people will read this and make relevant proposals to the DPR and the Yanks.

We feel certain that the DPR and the Russians will be amenable, and the US government could be made amenable to the swap proposal by hinting gently that the two Yanks will hang if not exchanged for Assange.


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